Microsoft and Tencent bring League of Legends to Windows 10 storefront

Microsoft has announced today that it is partnering with the Chinese gaming corporation Tencent to bring League of Legends to the Windows 10 Store. The worldwide e-sports phenomenon is joined by other Tencent titles, Cross Fire and Dungeon & Fighter. Windows 10 will also include, for Chinese users, Tencent’s messaging system QQ and a host of other utilities, like Tencent Video and PC Manager.

This is a big move for Microsoft to establish a strong presence in Chinese markets, but it also means that League of Legends will be available to download from a storefront, making it easier for prospective players to download and update. Also, Microsoft has been working hard on Windows 10 integration with Xbox One – could this mean that third-person MOBA Smite won’t be the only lane-game on consoles? Share your thoughts on a possible controller-based League of Legends in our comments below!

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