Michael Pachter Lambasts Whiney Gamers

Many of us who regularly follow game industry news recognize Michael Pachter’s name – he’s an analyst for Wedbush Securities who, among other things, analyzes the performance of video game companies. He also hates the whiney gamers that played a role in the Bioware doctors’ decision to leave the industry.

In his weekly series on, Pach Attack, Pachter takes a significant amount of time (considering his segments are typically less than 10 minutes long) to censure the gamers who cried foul over Mass Effect 3 ‘s ending. In all fairness, I don’t think his intent is to knock gamers for criticizing the game, but rather for the manner in which they went about it and the degree to which they leveled their rage on the developers.

The way Pachter sees it, because of these “whiney gamers” future games in the Mass Effect series, and any other series Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk would have worked on, are now going to suffer and ultimately the whining caused more harm than good.

“Whining just makes guys like me stronger”, Pachter taunts, “but I’m not creative, and I’m not making your life pleasant. Those guys made your life pleasant, and I think you chased them off”.

I finally got around to playing Mass Effect 3 only a few months ago after the ‘Extended Cut’ DLC had been released, so I’ve only experienced the extended ending. I hopped on to YouTube to watch the original ending as well just to see what the outcry was about, and unsurprisingly it wasn’t nearly as offensive as people made it out to be. Again, not to say criticism wasn’t deserved, but I think the extent of it was uncalled for.

Of course, the negative reaction to ME3’s ending was far from the primary reason that Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk left the industry. Star Wars: The Old Republic  was a hellish development process and in the end it fell short of expectations. Many people are pegging this as the main reason for their exit.

Watch this week’s episode of Pach Attach in all its glory.

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