Metal Gaming Coins Kickstarter looks pretty damned cool

A few really interesting Kickstarters have come up lately, and now we have another one. Sure, unless you are a LARPer you likely aren’t going to use these as actual currency, but in terms of sheer awesome goodies to toss into a collection, these are a win. The team at Coins for Anything have lived up to their name, making 27 gorgeous coins divided up into nine collections – Earth, Magic, Pirate, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Dragon, Fire and Viking.

Pretty gorgeous, right? But what are they made from?


Plated in antique gold, silver and copper finishes, the coins vary in size from 25mm-35mm wide. Made from zinc alloy for a quality look and feel, the coins are up to 3mm thick which is 1.25mm thicker than a US quarter.

I immediately thought of how you could use these for a variety of card games as counters, cool side pieces to go with the nine thematic elements, or even just coffee table conversation pieces. The Kickstarter is sitting at just shy of 50% funding with 15 days to go. If you are interested in these awesome trinkets, you know what to do.


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