Menace of the Underdark Screens

If our previous screenshot galleries of daring druids and sun-dappled forest groves lulled you into the belief that the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Online expansion is some kind of quaint wilderness getaway, consider this guy your wake-up call.  Not horrific enough?  Keep in mind that with its abilities to burrow through the earth and swallow prey whole, your first encounter with these monstrosities might begin from inside their gullets.

Yeah, this first expansion isn’t titled Menace of the Underdark for kicks.

Check out our complete screenshot gallery of the Purple Worm and other baddies below, and get an advance scoop on what they’re going to do to you in the Press Release section.  Dungeons & Dragons Online: Menace of the Underdark is scheduled to go live on June 25th.

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