Men In Black Suiting Up in 2012

When Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reunite on screen in Men In Black 3 this May, their time-traveling escapades will come alongside an all-new, standalone adventure courtesy of Activision.  Details are still slim about the nature of the as-yet unsubtitled Men In Black, but based on the screenshots listed after the jump, we’re betting on a cover-based shooter set sometime during the ten years that have passed since the last movie.

The films’ unique blend of action, humor, and eye-popping special effects will fuel the Men in Black’s gameplay experience.  Utilizing the rich mythology of the Men In Black universe, the game’s original story will build on the history of the series to bring back familiar faces, while also introducing new foes.  More details on gameplay features and characters will be revealed soon!

This will mark Activision’s first crack at bringing the high-grossing film franchise to home consoles and handhelds, and based on the abysmal reviews earned by the two movie tie-in games that came before, they’ll want to make sure everybody knows it.  Do they have what it takes to succeed where Infogrames and Southpeak Studios failed?  We’ll find out this coming spring!


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