Mega Man and Pac-Man Coming to Street Fighter X Tekken on PS3, Vita

It seems like exclusive characters are pretty normal for fighting games.  For instance, Mortal Kombat got Kratos for the PS3 version.  Street Fighter X Tekken will be giving Sony their own exclusive fighters, but you might not expect the characters that are coming exclusively.

Two of videogaming’s most iconic characters are entering the ring and going toe to toe. Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom’s very own Mega Man will be joined by Namco’s mascot, Pac-Man.

For the first time, the version of Mega Man featured on the original Mega Man 1 box art will make the jump from the cover to be a playable character, with Pac-Man taking on all challengers as he rides atop Mokujin.
Mega Man and Pac-Man join the previously announced PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita exclusive characters, Cole from Infamous plus Toro and Kuro.
Check out the video below to see what they look like in action.

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