Meet “The Aurora World” and it’s unique pets

1Do you see that?  That is a gigantic glowing green dragon.  And you can ride it!  

Yes, in GBE Games’ newest MMO, The Aurora World, you can get get a hold of some really interesting pets, called  Majinns.  In the video below, you’ll see a wide range of creatures, including Siberian tigers, metallic floating orbs, mighty griphons and–oh yeah–huge dragons!  But these don’t just serve as pets, no.   And did I mention you can ride them!?

Majinns act as both mount, when a Majinn reaches level 20, and also a fierce battle companion.  As a Majinn levels and gains experiences through battle, it will be able to learn attack skills to better assist its master.  With its “soul capture” ability, a Majinn can absorb an enemy’s soul and increase its special skills.

So, if you’ve ever had the desire to ride into battle atop a ferocious tiger–and I know you have–check out the video below and head over to the game’s website to see if it catches your interest.

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