Meet LoL’s New Champion: Zed, The Master of Shadows

The newest champion to join the ranks of Riot Games’ League of Legends, Zed, the Master of Shadows is a powerful ninja assassin who specializes in lightning-fast ganks, trickery, and swift escapes. Not yet released for LoL, Zed nonetheless already has his own Champion Spotlight. A multi-role champion, Zed is well-suited for soloing the middle lane and jungling.

[Zed’s] energy-based gameplay revolves around the creation and control of dark illusion shadow clones which differ to other champion’s illusions as his clones play a key part in his mastery. His abilities are duplicated when clones are active which means greater damage, additional effects and even being able to engage enemies from unexpected angles by switching places with clones.

Zed’s shadow clone ability is not a skill to be trifled with, as his clones mimic his other abilities for additional damage. He has a high level of mobility and escape capacity due to his ability to swap positions with his shadow clone, and can burst down low health enemies with ease thanks to his high-dps ultimate.


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