MechWarrior Online – Spider Mech and Extra XP!


Know what’s awesome?  8 jump jets.   There are few mech more agile than the Spider, and now you can take him for a spin!   Infinite Games and Piranha are releasing the Spider to the MWO online store as of today, but there is also an upcoming 3 day XP-boosting event this weekend.  Check it out:

In addition to the Spider becoming available, an exciting 3-day in-game event is coming Friday, January 18 at 10 am Pacific – the first-ever MechWarrior Online Double XP event. Scheduled to run the duration of the weekend, MechWarrior pilots will hunker down at home in order to defend and conquer in the InnerSphere. The event concludes on Monday, January 21 at 10 am Pacific. To truly maximize XP earning potential, MechWarrior pilots can stack up other XP-boosting techniques such as their Founder benefits, Premium Time and Hero Mech XP-boosts to unlock powerful pilot enhancements quickly.

We also have a handful of screenshots to show off the Spider in action.  You can see those below, as well as the full press release.   See you online, clanner!

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