MechWarrior Online gets “Camo Spec” patch

There is a big war between two giant stompy robot games this season, but here’s the great news – they are both free to play.   The folks behind MechWarrior Online have gotten a headdstart and launched (I’m a Founder) and this patch looks to help shore up some of the feedback items that beta players have given to Piranha Games.   Specifically for those of us who’s MechWarrior experience extends back a bit, we get the return of Bitching Betty – the female cockpit voiceover from the original titles.    This Camo Spec patch gives the first steps towards customizing your lance – check it out:

The first phase of the paint and pattern content allows fans to stand out with distinctive options available in the Mech Lab. Available now, the “Dazzle” pattern scheme can be applied to any Mech with more patterns in the pipeline, including the “Urban Block” and “Woodland” designs which will be live in the next few weeks. Additionally, the intimidating “Phraken” pattern is now available for the recently launched Cataphract Mech. With the different patterns and color schemes hitting the Mech Lab in coming weeks, the design possibilities for MechWarrior fans across the InnerSphere will be endless.

The Camo Spec content update also allows fans to decorate their home away from home with fun, custom items for their cockpit — including the beloved Hula Girl, colorful faction banners and other fun items. Each cockpit can host up to three pieces of décor (hanging, standing or mounted) which can be either earned or purchased, depending on the item. There’s no better way to make your Mech feel like home!

As I said, the game is free to play, so there is absolutely no reason for you to not get your giant stompy robot action on for yourself. is your destination…I’ll see you online.  You’ll find me listed as “Knightshade”.    Not enough for ya?   Check out the new screens of the mechs in action!

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