MechWarrior Online Coming in 2012 for PCs

Back in the 90s, games weren’t as big as they are now.  However, the fans of these games were just as rabid as you’ll find in any community today.  People extolled the virtues of their favorite RPGs, of the X-Wing series vs. Elite or Wing Commander, of various strategy games…and on their most awesome kills in MechWarrior.  The series has fallen by the wayside over the past ten to fifteen years or so, but fans remember, and fans desire.  Today, thanks to our saviors over at Pirahna Games, we now know that MechWarrior Online will be making its way to our PCs next year.

Thanks also to the guys over at PC Gamer for breaking the news that the game will be PC-exclusive, free-to-play and also featuring two developer interviews with the guys behind the game.  Not only that, but the official site also has a fairly nice FAQ happening right now.  So, stay tuned for more information and hopefully a lot of DFA goodness.

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