Mass Effect 3 – N7 Bounty Weekend: Operation Silencer

We’ve got another weekend of Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer action set for this weekend, and this time it’s all set for the 360, PC, and PS3 – the issues on the latter all fixed up.  What’s the goal for this weekend?  I’ll show you the text, but the infographic below the break is far better, right?

Allied Goal: Kill 3,000,000 banshees. Successful completion of the allied goal will grant all players a Victory Pack.

Squad Goal: Survive until a full extraction on any map against any enemy on gold difficulty. Successful completion of the squad goal will grant all squadmates a Commendation Pack.

Operation Silencer is set to run from Friday, May 11 at 6PM PST to Monday, May 14 at 5AM PST.  Make sure you set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to ON in the online options to be able to participate in Operation Silencer.

Click to embiggen the infographic goodness.


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