Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign sees free Hulk mini-episode and dev diary

D3Publisher, Marvel Entertainment, and Demiurge Studios have announced that we will be getting a free Hulk mini-episode for Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign on PC, iOS, and Android devices today.  To celebrate they’ve also released a dev diary to give some insight into the game creation process. Here’s a nibble about that Hulk Mini-Episode:

Players saved the red Iso-8 from falling into Norman Osborn’s hands, but now he’s searching for the ultimate weapon… The Hulk! Jump into this weeklong episode packed with new missions that span the globe! We need every player’s help – you could find and recruit The Hulk!

If you missed the bus on Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign, it’s a gem-matching title that features Marvel characters and is a surprising bit of fun. It’s free to play, so take it for a spin yourself.

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