Magrunner: Technology meets Cthulhu

What would happen if seven brilliant inventors were all challenged to create a piece of technology based on magnetism, and then use their inventions to solve a series of Portal 2 style puzzles? You would have a pretty cool competition. Now lets say that, during the course of the competition, something odd begins to happen. Strange, unexplainable occurrences and creatures begin to manifest straight from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror mythos, and the parallel universe of Cthulhu starts to bleed into our world, endangering the lives of the inventors and taking the puzzles to a mind-bending new level.

I’d say you would have the potential for one Really Awesome Game.

Magrunner is an action/puzzle title being developed by independent studio 3AM Games. Thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, Magrunner is on track for release sometime in 2013 on the Unreal Engine 3. All of the puzzles will be based around the laws of physics (with an emphasis on magnetism), and the games’ protagonist must use his unique invention, the Magtech glove, to solve the puzzles, win the Magtech competition, and survive the nightmare horrors of Cthulhu in the year 2050.

The Magtech competition, organized to promote a new technology based on magnetism, tests your brain and reflexes, with simple yet exciting mechanics: with the Magtech glove, you can load objects with a positive or negative charge. Two items loaded with the same charge will attract each other, while two items loaded with different charges will repel!

The perilous environment created when the two universes collide will test your survival and puzzle solving skills more than ever. With nothing but your wits and Magtech glove to help them, players must navigate a strange land where the life of their character, and the fate of the world, is at stake.


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