Magic: The Gathering ⏤ Murders at Karlov Manor debuts on February 9th

Coming to the table Feb, 9th Wizards of the Coast will release the first expansion set for 2024, Murders at Karlov Manor. Set against the backdrop of Ravnica, players are invited to solve a deadly mystery. What lay in store for those returning to Ravnica? Let’s examine some of the new and returning mechanics of Murders at Karlov Manor.

New Mechanics


The new Disguise mechanic imbues the game with a sense of mystery; anything could be hiding under your opponents upturned cards! Disguise allows you to cast cards face down, hidden so no other player knows what it is.

Pay (3) to cast this spell, and it becomes a 2/2 creature with ward (2) and no other abilities. You may turn it face up any time you have priority by paying its disguise cost. This happens immediately, doesn’t use the stack, and can’t be responded to. That 2/2 creature your opponent thought was safe to block, is actually an Angel, perfect to fly over for some free lifelink.

Three new disguise cards


Similar to Sagas, Cases are a new mechanic that allow you to experience the different steps as a mystery unfolds, just as a detective would. Cases are quest-like enchantments with three abilities. The top ability is always active. The middle is a condition to “solve the case,” and the bottom a reward once you’ve solved it.

The CASE SOLVED helper token is placed on top, signifying the conditions were met and the final ability is active.

Two Case cards


Suspect is another new mechanic, which allows you to cast your well-honed detective eye at any creature that looks like they might be up to no good. “Suspected” is a label that can be applied to a creature.

The SUSPECTED helper token is placed on top. A suspected creature has menace and can’t block. Once suspected, a creature remains suspected until it leaves the battlefield, or another effect causes it to no longer be suspected.

A card that uses the suspect mechanic


Collect Evidence is another new mechanic. You can solve a mystery in your head, but nothing is as important as hard evidence when bringing the guilty to justice. To collect evidence, exile any number of cards from your graveyard with total mana value of the indicated number or greater. Some cards even unlock alternative effects when entering the battlefield, “if evidence was collected.”

Two evidence cards

Returning Mechanics


Investigate is a returning mechanic that immerses you in the feeling of being a detective and will have you digging deeper into the goings-on. It enables you to create a Clue token, which is a colorless artifact token that you can sacrifice in order to draw a card.

An example of an investigate card and two other new cards

Additional New Cards

Three new…Hey, wait, that’s Teysa…you didn’t actually…

The Magic Story

For those who love lore, you can read the Magic Story here and discover what is happening with Kaya and the detective Alquist Proft as they investigate the mysteries within Ravnica. Kellan once again makes an appearance as he travels the multiverse.

Magic Story – Murder at Karlov Manor Episode 1: Ghosts of Our Past

Real World Mysteries

Beginning with the pre-release February 2nd, there are also hidden puzzles to solve within physical products of Murders at Karlov Manor.

Your eye for detail and detective skills are still needed. In addition to playing the new set, there are 12 puzzles and 1 meta puzzle to solve. You can find the first puzzle in the Prerelease kit, and then discover more in products like Play Boosters and the Bundle.

Starting January 16, players can visit to find more puzzles and the final meta puzzle.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Murders at Karlov Manor will be coming to Arena February 2nd featuring a new battlefield.

The new battlefield for Murders at Karlov Manor

Magic Arena is also adding a new companion, a detective mole.

The new Magic Arena companion, a detective mole!?


Be sure to keep an eye on GamingTrend for more Murders at Karlov Manor information, you never know what you’ll uncover.

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