Mad Catz Has Your Wii U Accessories Covered (literally)

The Wii U has a lot to prove as it finds itself competing against not only today’s consoles but also the next generation of consoles looming up ahead. One thing is for certain though – this system is a bastion for accessory makers. Between all the different types of remotes the system supports, there’s room for all sorts of alternative and supportive accessories. Mad Catz has just announced their lineup and we’ve got details, images, and ice cream.

“We’re excited to supporting Wii U with a full range of accessories including our new headset,” said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. “The new range is part of our strategy to bring innovative products to passionate consumers.”

The accessories expected to be available at launch include a stereo gaming headset, a docking station that charges the controllers, and a protective cover. We have some screenies of the accessories, which actually look pretty sleek.

Protective cover:

Wiimote charge dock:

Gamepad dock charger:

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