Mad Blocker Adventure Coming to PS Vita, PSN

Based off the Mad Blocker puzzle series, Mad Blocker Adventure  has been announced for PSN and PS Vita and will feature an RPG story mode sporting a hand painted art style which will take full advantage of the Vita’s high-resolution screen, intricate control schemes unique to the Vita’s range of control options, engaging puzzles and deep levels of customization.

“Developing PS Minis has been a great way to cut our teeth in the
industry, get some much needed experience under our belt and to
introduce the world to our unique IP’s, but now it’s time to move
forward with additional platforms,” said Paddy Murphy, CEO of Open
Emotion Studios.  “We are confident Mad Blocker Adventure would be
most enjoyed on a large HD display, but we also have intricate control
schemes only possible on the PS Vita and are excited to bring this
game to owners of both platforms.”

The game will also boast a wealth of multiplayer options including local and online coop, leaderboards, and multiple game modes. Mad Blocker Adventure  is scheduled for a Spring 2012 release window.

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