Lord of the Rings Online Goes Mithril

How do you know when an MMO’s free-to-play model is working out well for the creators?  The decision to relaunch the game onto store shelves seems like a good indicator to me!  Yes, some eighteen months after Turbine’s decision to ditch the traditional subscription-based system, Lord of the Rings Online has returned to the PC section of a GameStop near you.  Find out all about the contents of this new “Mithril Edition” right after the jump:

Mithril Edition Includes

·         Exclusive ‘Steed of the Horse-lords’ Mount

Travel Middle-earth in style with this exclusive in-game mount! Saddle up as early as level 5 and be on your way to adventure much faster than on foot!

·         Path of the Fellowship Bonus Quests

­Forge your own legend in Middle-earth alongside Aragorn, Legolas, and Gandalf. From the Shire to Rivendell – adventure in a masterful recreation of Middle-earth! Includes the Trollshaws, Eregion, Mines of Moria, and Lothlorien.

·         2,000 Turbine Points

­Customize your LOTRO experience with 2,000 points to spend in Middle-earth! Buy cosmetic gear, rare mounts, experience boosts, buffs and more.

I’m afraid I don’t know what the going rate for a thousand Turbine Points is, but assuming it’s usually more than the $29.99 the Mithril Edition is selling for, this is a heck of a deal!  Actually it’s a great deal for me anyway — installing the client off a trusty DVD is way more appealing than trying to draw it down through my slightly erratic DSL service.

Lord of the Rings Online: Mithril Edition is exclusive to GameStop, so head on over to your local shop or hit up their product page right here.

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