Limited Run Games teams up with Special Reserve Games for an exclusive physical PS4 variant of Strafe

Limited Run Games announced today that the company will be working with Special Reserve Games to help with a physical release of Digital Devolver and Pixel Titans’ Strafe for the PlayStation 4. A combined total of 3,000 copies of the physical version of Strafe will be available between the two companies.

STRAFE - PlayStation Experience 2016: Gameplay Trailer

With a planned release date of May 9, Strafe is a first-person shooter where the map of each zone is semi-procedurally generated. The game is a throwback to 90s shooters such as Doom and Quake, and is a loving homage in tone and style. Special Reserve Games recently launched pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 version of the game at 2,000 units.

Special Reserve Games cover (Left), Limited Run games cover (Right)

Limited Run Games recently announced that it will also distribute 1,000 copies of each PlayStation 4 and Vita release that Special Reserve Games produces. While pre-orders for both the PC and PS4 version are available now, Limited Run Games will post availability for its PS4 variant  later this month.

PC Special Edition

Strafe will be available on May 9 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay tuned for more news here at Gaming Trend.

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