Like Street Fighter? Love Tekken? Get a PS Vita

The Vita is going to benefit exponentially for the simple fact that its hardware rivals that of its console brethren, allowing companies to easily add the Vita to their checklist of platforms to release games on.

Capcom Japan has announced (Adriasang has the scoop) that Street Fighter X Tekken  will be making its way to the Vita this Fall in Japan, it will also include twelve additional fighters only accessible to the console versions via DLC. From Street Fighter we get Elena, Guy, Cody, Sakura, Dudley and Blanka. From Tekken we get Alisa, Christie, Jack, Bryan, Lars and Lei.

No word on when the game might make it to the States or Europe, however, since the Vita is region-free and fighting games don’t exactly revolve around their story, importing may not be a terrible idea.


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