Life is Strange prequel Before the Storm announced

Square Enix announced this week that the first episode of Life is Strange: Before The Storm will be released on August 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. During the Microsoft press conference at E3, a brief trailer for the game was shown.

Before the Storm will take place across three episodes, and its story will focus on Chloe Price and her best friend Rachel Amber. Dontnod Entertainment, the team behind the original Life is Strange, is working on a follow-up game, but this prequel is being developed by Deck Nine Games.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is currently available for preorder on Steam and the Xbox Games Store. If you purchase the deluxe edition, you’ll receive an outfit pack for Chloe, the Mixtape Mode where you can create your own playlist from the game’s soundtrack, and a bonus episode where you can play as a young Max Caulfield.

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