Life is Strange Episode 4 launching on July 28th

If you are one of the many that have been following the Life is Strange series, get ready to hop into the next installment as Life is Strange Episode 4 will launch on July 28th.

Life is Strange has been getting more and more popular since its Episode 1 release back in January. This has become even more evident by the announcement by DONTNOD that Life is Strange has reached one million sales. As for the newest episode, DONTNOD and Square Enix have released some slight details:

In Episode 4, Max pushes the investigation surrounding the disappearance of Rachel Amber and the strange happenings in Arcadia Bay into unexplored and daunting territory. As the End of the World party approaches, Max must use her powers to put all the pieces of the puzzle in place.

You can check out our impressions of Life is Strange Episode 3 here and look forward to checking out Episode 4 on July 28th. A trailer for the newest episode is available above.

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