Level 70 Here We Come! Explore the Scarlet Legacy’s Latest Update

Are you ready for level 70? Free to play MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy, has upped the ante and the level cap in their latest update. Along with the extra levels for seasoned players to explore, there are several other additions to the widely popular game. Enjoy over 200 new quests and new items, crafting recipes, and much more. During your quests and adventures, look for level 60-70 item drops, test out the latest skill level improvements, and watch your pet progress to level 70 alongside you.

The vast and incredible world of Scarlet Legacy gets even bigger with the release of an all-new update available now.  The update introduces two new expansive maps – Ancient Forest and Lightning Ridge – along with two new Practice Towers for players to challenge; Flame Maze and Thunder Maze.  Players should be well-prepared to explore this new content as the update also raises the level cap from 60 to 70 allowing players to progress their characters further with four new level 70 purple equipment sets plus so much more!

For all current players, be sure to log in this weekend (March 9th through the 11th) and enjoy the celebration. According to the Scarlet Legacy support team, the community is also receiving a set of special buffs to go along with the new upgrades. Throughout Friday, Saturday, and Sunday enjoy a +20% Block Rate, +60 HP Regeneration and +75% Character/Pet & Stance Experience. Make sure you take the time to make the most of those buff and delve into the new content.

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