Legend of Grimrock Master Quest fan mod updated, available through Steamworks


Remember Legend of Grimrock? That awesome first-person old-school dungeon crawler? Well, if you loved that game and were hoping to get more of it, I have some good news for you. The Legend of Grimrock Master Quest fan expansion has recently been updated and is available for free via Steamworks. It’s offered up as “a complete re-working of the entire original game with tons of new puzzles, updated dungeon designs, unique story elements, and more. It has been referred to as “Grimrock on Steroids”.” Really, if you liked the original Legend of Grimrock, this is at least worth checking out – consider it’s available for the low low price of free, assuming you already have the original game.

Straight from the page itself comes this developer note:

This project began as a precise re-creation of the original Legend of Grimrock dungeon with all its puzzles and scripting, largely as an exercise in mastering the editor. As I neared completion of that monumental task, I asked myself “Self, aren’t people bored of the original game by now?”. So I figured, why not pull a “Zelda” and create a changed-up re-imagined harder version and call it the Master Quest?

There are some known issues (mostly with how dreams work and how the final boss interaction and battle works), but for the most part things will feel very familiar to the original game while offering a ton of fresh changes and cool extras to give you a revitalized Legend of Grimrock experience!

Feel free to contact me (official Grimrock forums) with any comments or bugs/problems you find, how you liked or didn’t like the puzzles, clues, fights, story, etc, or anything else.



Well, thank you for all your effort, Komag. I look forward to digging into this eventually. If any of you give it a run, be sure to comment and let us know how it is. Frankly, I still have to beat the original Legend of Grimrock, so my work is already cut out for me.

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