Learn to Fly World of Warplanes’ Ground Attack Aircraft

Learn to Fly World of Warplanes’ Ground Attack Aircraft

The team at Wargaming have been showing off their F2P flight title World of Warplanes, and today we’ve got a video to showcase Episode 6 of their flight tutorial series. This one goes over the best way to use the Ground Attack Aircraft. If you missed our review of the game, you can check that out here.

Wargaming today unveils a brand new tutorial video for the flight action MMO World of Warplanes. As part of the Flight Academy video series, the guide provides players with helpful tips and strategies to effectively fly ground attack aircraft, discusses superiority in battles and concealment tactics.

This detailed tutorial tells about ground attack aircraft, the most controversial type of warfare in World of Warplanes, and explains how many advantage points pilots can get by hitting different types of targets, while focusing on the most effective ways to score those points in order to reach air dominance. The guide also delves into the ins-and-outs of concealment tactics and the mechanics that will affect the supremacy meter, which can make a difference in the midst of battle.

wow_groundWorld of Warplanes is free to play, so there is literally no risk to try it out for yourself! Stay tuned as we head to E3 for new information from Wargaming. (hint: it’s gonna be about World of Warships…)

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