League of Legends’ Twisted Fate cinematic trailer is actually a blast to watch


League of Legends may be an extraordinarily popular game – and one I happen to love the heck out of personally – but I’ve never really expected much out of the game in the story or background department. Yes, all the champions have some nice flavor text, and there’s definitely some attempt at developing the lore of the game’s world… but most of the eye-catching stuff about League of Legends is purely gameplay related. The professional gaming aspects, and certainly what creative fans make in homage to the world – these are why you play League, not because you find the characters personally all that interesting. But a week ago the guys at Riot Games released a promotional trailer that really is stunning. It’s not quite the polished memorable comedy that Valve puts out for Team Fortress 2, but this is not only well-crafted but just plain fun to watch – especially if you’re at all familiar with these champs.

Katarina, of course, is in the lead-in image – she’s probably as close to a mascot as League of Legends really has, for good reason. Not just because she’s a gorgeous redhead, but because she’s a well-established champ who remains one of the most terrifying opponents to go up against in just about any match. Still, every featured champion looks good in this video – and Baron Nashor (that big bad you see at the end) has never looked more terrifying.

A Twist of Fate | Cinematic - League of Legends



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