League of Legends teases champion updates with Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun

Shortly before unveiling Warwick’s rework, Riot Games released a video teasing the updates to League’s infamous jungling werewolf, in Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun. Warwick was one of the original champions released with League of Legends, and while he has been considered the go-to character for those who want to learn to jungle, his dated kit means that he has seen virtually no competitive or high level play. His update includes a rework to his skills, with the goal of changing is playstyle, in addition to visual updates. Riot’s champion teaser video provides a high suspense glimpse at the new Warwick: An aggressive, partly mechanical, green-glowing, blood-sniffing beast.  Rioter REAV3 explained the reasons and goals behind Warwick’s update in Riot’s recent State of Champion Update:

We want Warwick’s gameplay to actually teach new junglers how to be an effective jungler. … While we don’t want to raise Warwick’s skill floor, we do want to increase his skill ceiling a bit and add more depth to his gameplay. We also want to bring Warwick’s art and thematics up to modern Riot standards by giving him a proper place in our world. We think violence is an important theme for Warwick and we want to see how far we can push that thematic.

You can learn more about the new and improved Warwick at the League of Legends Warwick champion update article.


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