League of Legends Has 15M Players

League of Legends is proving to be one of the most popular online games out there, as developer Riot Games has announced it has over 15 million registered players. On average, 1.4 million players log on to play on a daily basis. Considering League of Legends is free-to-play, plus the fact that it’s a good game that scales well on lower-end systems, it’s not hard to imagine how it became so popular.

“We are extremely proud and appreciative of the devoted League of Legends community which has grown substantially over the last year and a half,” said Brandon Beck, CEO of Riot Games. “We’re committed to continuing to match their dedication with our relentless focus on ongoing enhancements to the player experience with great new features, content, and polish – and we have some very exciting surprises in store just around the corner.”

Other ancillary factoids: The official website gets 6M page views per day, the Facebook page has 1.4 million “likes”, and League of Legends videos on YouTube are known to rack up over 100M views.

It’s true the price of admission for League of Legends is free, but there are items and characters you can pay real money for which produces revenue for Riot Games. More so than knowing how many people are playing a free game, I’d be interested in finding out how much money the game is actually making.

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