League of Legends comes to table top with Mechs vs Minions

Riot has announced a League of Legends inspired tabletop game, Mechs vs Minions. Available October 13th, this cooperative, story-driven game places 2-4 players in the shoes of a group of Yordles, who must program and pilot newly crafted mechs and defend Runeterra against waves of marauding minions. Each campaign takes 60 to 90 minutes, and campaigns will be unique to each play through, as challenges and objectives change as the game unfolds. The box includes a collection of figurines, dice, cards, map tiles and other essentials, as well as a distinct lack of Teemo.

The game comes with a $75 price tag, and will be available from the Riot Games Merch Store. Find more information about the game, check out the FAQ and even download the soundtrack at the  Mechs vs Minions page.

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