Lead Your Civ To Greatness with Civilization V: Gods & Kings

The expansion pack for Civilization V, Gods & Kings, is set to release in less than a week. To help give gamers an early look at all of the ways Gods & Kings will expand their Civ V experience, 2K games has released a new trailer starring Dennis Shirk and Ed Beach, producer and lead designer respectively. The features showcased in the trailer include the new religion and espionage systems, along with new civilizations and leaders to choose from. The video, titled “Lead Your Civ to Greatness”, is the first of a two part series. The second installment will be released later this week. Until then, have a look at part one after the break.

The Gods & Kings expansion will be available starting on June 19th.

Civilization V: Gods & Kings - Lead Your Civ to Greatness

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