Lawbreakers Titan class revealed in quick teaser, screenshots

Lawbreakers is currently in Alpha, but that hasn’t stopped it from looking absolutely amazing. That’s not a huge surprise with Cliff Bleszinski at the helm, but I had no idea just how gorgeous it was shaping up already.

Today we’ve got a quick teaser on the Titan class. Sporting a heavy rocket launcher weapon called the Hammerhead, an auto-locking lightning gun called the Crisper, plus a few other disruptive goodies. See for yourself in the trailer above, and the screenshots below.

You can sign up for the alpha yourself at but you might wanna stay wired here at GamingTrend as well — you just might see an Alpha key giveaway soon.

Lawbreakers is heading to PC in 2017, with rumors of an Xbox and PS4 port following the PC release.


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