Latest Hawken Update adds new mechs and co-op.

Anybody who reads this site knows if there’s one thing the GamingTrend staff  loves, it’s giant freakin’ robots.  Happily, the folks over at Meteor have our back. If you still haven’t given Hawken a try, the lastest update might just give you the reason to suit up.  Why? One word, two syllables: co-op.

At this point Hawken’s playerbase is about as specialized and expert as you can imagine–they’ll reduce any brand-spanking-noob to scrap metal in faster than you can say “mechs are awesome.”  Fortunately for you, Hawken just got two new game modes that will help ease you into the frenzy. First up? A simple player vs. bots training round that will help you get a feel for your new mech.  Every mech has a unique set of weapons, so you’ll be glad you got the practice in.  If you still aren’t feeling up the challange of PvP, Hawken got a co-op, players vs. bots “horde” mode.

Still not convinced? how about a new mech?  The latest addition to Hawkens robo-stable is the Predator.  Much like its namesake, the Predator uses invisibility and thermal vision to lay traps and set ambushes.  Want  one of your own? Go get it!

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