Last of Us Used to Allow Players to Sprint While Crouched For Stealth Purposes

An interesting tidbit of information regarding a dropped Last of Us feature was revealed on Twitter recently.

According to Game Director Bruce Straley, Naughty Dog initially gave players the ability to “sprint” while crouched. This would allow players to move more quickly while also hiding to avoid enemies that might spot them. However, this feature was later cut because it “was overpowered & there was no reason to sprint-sprint.”

If you’ve played The Last of Us, you know this would have fundamentally changed much of the game, as the fear of getting caught is what makes its stealth scenarios so tense.

Initially released for PlayStation 3 last year, The Last of Us has since been brought to PlayStation 4 as The Last of Us: Remastered.

For more on Naughty Dog’s latest, check out Gaming Trend’s review of the PlayStation 4 re-release.

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