The KS machine keeps on rolling – Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update

Hello! Welcome to Friday Tabletop Kickstarter Update! For info on what is going on here, check out this introduction. The Kickstarter cup overfloweth. There are a bunch of promising campaigns running right now. By no means am I scraping for games to highlight.

Remember that I am in no way endorsing these games, I have not played them, I have not talked to the publishers. Back at your own risk.

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World of Yo-Ho
Apparent Weight: Medium – Light
Genre: Exploration, Naval combat, Mobile phones required

Smart phone driven games seems to be a growing trend for games this year. I am interested to see if the use of phones is a fad that dies out next year or if people embrace it. Iello is gauging support for such a platform with World of Yo-Ho. Player’s move around a fantasy Caribbean using their phones as ships. The map is laid out in a phone sized grid, and movement is done by sliding your phone across the map. Certainly looks like an interesting design, especially with such vivid art.


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Sunrise City: Nights!
Apparent Weight: Medium – Light
Genre: City building, Tile placement, Variable powers

From the same publisher that gifted the world with Alien Frontiers, Sunrise City has slowly been making its way into the gaming world. Originally published two years ago, Sunrise City is due for an expansion. Clever Mojo Games is adding more roles, more tiles and more stuff to an already highly regarded game. There is combined pledge level with both the base and the new expansion that I am keeping my eye on.


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Paper Toss
Apparent Weight: Light
Genre: Family card game, Delivering news

Many gamers are looking to make new gamers out of their kids. Paper Toss is a solid family card game that fits the role with an inviting theme and simple mechanics. Players take on the task of the romanticized paper boy/girl, trying to outrun bullies, avoid fierce dogs and get as many newspapers on to porches as possible.


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Bring out Yer Dead
Apparent Weight: Medium – Light
Genre: Mucking in the graveyard, Card bidding, Hand management

The lighthearted artwork make this grim theme palatable if not amusing. Bring out Yer Dead tasks players with depositing their family members in a grim looking graver yard, but only so many bodies may be buried every round. The game revolves around picking the right cards at the right time to make full use of the Gravedigger’s cart. Plenty of review are posted, but I feel the $45 price point is a little high.


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Steampunk Rally
Apparent Weight: Medium
Genre: Customizable contraptions, Racing, Steampunk

I almost passed over this game as just-another-steampunk-kickstarter, but the modular machine layout caught my eye. This game melds card drafting and mitigated die rolls to race your steampunk contraption around the track. With compelling art, Steampunk Rally rises to the top of the steampunk pile.


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