Konami reportedly ceasing development of AAA games, cancelling all current projects

After months of controversy and statements about a mobile-centric future for the company, reports are surfacing that Konami will be ceasing development of AAA games moving forward.

A report by French website Gameblog states that sources close to the company confirm that Konami has not begun any sort of pre-production work on a new Metal Gear game, and aside from Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer, the company won’t be developing AAA games in the future. According to Gameblog’s soruces, all of Konami’s current AAA projects have been canceled by the company’s new management.

Rumors of Konami’s restructuring began earlier this year as Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima appeared to be cutting ties from the company, resulting in his name being removed from the cover of Metal Gear Solid V and the cancellation of Silent Hills.

Back in May, it appeared that Konami was going to clarify what happened between Kojima and the company, but Metal Gear Solid V has been out for a few weeks and there’s still no official word from either party.

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