King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North In Development

Fans of the King’s Bounty series, take note! There’s yet more bounty coming your way.  1C Company has announced that King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North is now under development, promising a whole slew of new adventure, new skills… pretty much new everything. Don’t believe me? Well, have a look at this snippet and see for yourself!

A new hero, young Olaf, the son of the Northling King, dedicates his life to the fight against the undead infesting the Northern Lands of Endoria. He will face epic battles, valor and love. Accompanied by gorgeous Valkyries who will assist Olaf on the battlefield, he will liberate the icy wastelands of the North, dwarven dungeons and Darion, the heart of the Endoria, from the reign of necromancy.

King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North features:

·        New plot, telling the story of the fight between the Good and the Evil, betrayal and love

·        New companions – 5 Valkyries, assisting Olaf on the field of battle.

·        New locations

·        New units

·        New skills

·        New awards and achievements

·        New school of magic – Rune Magic

That’s a whole lot of new for this old series, and it sounds like a lot to look forward to. Me, I’m mostly looking forward to seeing how the valkyries look – this series has a knack for attractive art. But consider both King’s Bounty and Heroes of Might and Magic more or less exhaust this kind of turn-based tactical strategy RPG genre, there’s plenty of reason to keep an eye on this one. And we’ll be keeping you updated as more news – and screens – arrive.

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