Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Halloween events announced

Square Enix announced plans for multiple Halloween events to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X during the month of October. The smartphone game will have a host of various items and quests into which players can delve, as well as other surprises later in the month.


Here is a current list of events that are occurring right now:

  • Jack Skellington Medal Event (Oct. 1-16) – Defeat special Halloween-themed Heartless enemies in these special event stages to earn a Jack Skellington medal. One medal will be automatically awarded those who log in during this period, while the quests will grant the opportunity for up to eight additional medals. Fusing seven medals together will grant a special attack bonus of 40-100 percent.
  • Weekend Raid Events All Month (Oct. 1-30) – Each weekend, battle the mighty Hocus Pocus raid boss to earn Chip, Dale, and Moogle medals, which can be used to upgrade character medals and earn munny. Players can coordinate with their party in order to succeed in this challenge.
  • Coliseum Ranking Prizes (Oct. 1-31) – Complete ranking quests in the Coliseum to earn powerful skill upgrades and special vampire outfits.
  • Extra Coliseum Event (Oct. 3-9) – High-level players can earn gems to upgrade their keyblades by challenging Cloud and other powerful enemies in the Coliseum during this event.
A quest from the Jack Skellington medal campaign.

A quest from the Jack Skellington medal campaign.

In addition, Halloween Heartless will be featured later in the month, and players will have the chance to earn a Halloween Sora medal as well as other prizes.
Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is available now for iOS and Android devices.

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