Killzone: Shadow Fall looks amazing in this multiplayer video


We were all a little blown away by Killzone: Shadow Fall during the announcement of the PlayStation 4, and today we’ve got a pretty solid look at some more gameplay, including the huge loadout of multplayer modes, weapons, and deep customization – a new feature for the series.   Showing off both factions, the Helghast and Vektans, this video also comes with a pretty fantastic announcement – all multiplayer DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall will be free.   You heard me…free.  This is a bold step from Sony – it’ll be interesting to see what sort of effect it has on their competitors.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a PlayStation 4 launch title.  If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you might want to check out the Killzone: Mercenaries beta – it’s a little slice of incredible.

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