Kids Love Just Dance!

They sure do!  Not just these kids, either: the series has proven wildly popular with younger gamers, producing great sales numbers and repeat accolades from the Kids Choice and Teen Choice Awards.

In other words, if you allow your kids to even glimpse this reservoir of Just Dance 4 screenshots, be prepared to have your living room occupied by ravenous packs of neighborhood tweens until the end of time.  Do you have any idea how much these human black holes eat when they’re not working up an appetite?  I once came home to find them skewering uncooked pepperoni, portabella mushrooms, and chunks of bleu cheese on spears of raw spaghetti because a multiplayer shooter made them hungry.  There aren’t enough Lunchables in existence to keep them sated after an afternoon of jumping around to Nicki Minaj and Carly Rae Jepsen!

Instead, grab a few moments to pick five or six screenshots from our gallery below and e-mail them to all the other parents you know.  Don’t even explain what they are.  This will force them to ask their own kids what all this craziness is about and the rest will be history.

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