Kickstarter funded Roll for it! receives budget release

Calliope Games announced Kickstarter dice game Roll for it! to be re-released as a budget title at Target. Now available online or in stores, this version of the game contains an overhauled presentation and components compared to its previous iterations.

RFI Mass Version

Priced at $12, this version includes a drawstring game bag, which holds 30 playing cards and 24 opaque dice for easy portability. The game is available in two colored sets, and can be played with 2 to 4 players with one set, or 8 players with both colored sets.

Roll for it! features simple rules and fast-paced, but thoughtful gameplay. Players take turns rolling dice, matching them to cards on the table, and scoring points when they completely match a card. The budget version of the game is currently available at Target.

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