A Kickstarter has begun for a new The 7th Guest game

The return of the old-school, CD-ROM pioneering adventure game is upon us. Last month I gleefully reported that a new Kickstarter from the makers of Myst had been launched, and today I somewhat less gleefully yet still pleasurably report the start of a Kickstarter to raise funding for a new The 7th Guest game.

The 7th Guest: The Collector will (hopefully) be the third game in the classic series Bill Gates deemed “the new standard in electronic entertainment” back in 1993. It was the Call of Duty of its day! The Kickstarter page is filled to the brim with information and the developers are giving us a very compelling reason to help them not only reach their base goal but their final stretch goal as well. If the final stretch goal is reached, they will purchase the Estate in which the game is modeled after and open it as a haunted house themed amusement center. For that reason alone I am going to pledge.

The $20 mark is where you will receive a code for the game that is supported on PC, Mac, and Linux. Check out the Kickstarter page and help the game reach its goal in the next 37 days.

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