Keys to Kyrat Allow Plus Members to Play Far Cry 4 with Friends

At Sony’s E3 press conference it was confirmed that PlayStation Plus members would be able to invite friends to play Far Cry 4 with them regardless of whether or not they actually owned the game and regardless of which PlayStation system you choose to play it on. During the company’s Gamescom conference, it gave an explanation of how exactly the process will work.

Buying a copy of Far Cry 4 and being an active PlayStation Plus member will grant you ten “Keys to Kyrat.” Each key is good for two hours of free play of the game’s cooperative modes. As of yet, it is unclear whether or not there is a limit to how many times any one friend can be give a key, or if you can give all ten to one person.

Far Cry 4 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on November 18th. Recently, Ubisoft revealed the game’s European special edition that comes with a statue of the game’s antagonist Pagan Min.

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