Karma Online Cash Shop Launches Today

The folks over at Joymax have announced today that they are launching the cash shop for the F2P zombie WWII FPS Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead.

“The latest update to Karma Online provides a host of new exciting features and improvements, that will evolve the Karma Online experience for both new and old players alike,” said Joymax CEO, Nam-chul Kim. “The first wave of items in the cash store will provide unique new weapons and equipment that can be used in the battle for global victory – equally we are incredibly excited to have Karma Online fully localized for those players from Germany, Spain and Turkey.”

While some may decry cash shops (especially in an open beta, which is my personal peeve), we cannot escape the fact that a game model consisting of F2P with micro transactions appears to not only be the future…but the present.

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