Karin returns as a playable fighter in Street Fighter V

The spaces left in Street Fighter V’s 16-character roster continue to fill up, as Karin has been confirmed as a returning fighter.

Street Fighter V will mark Karin’s first appearances since her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but despite only being playable in one game, Capcom’s character popularity poll from 2013 ranks her as the seventh most popular worldwide, and most popular character in Japan. You can check out how she fights in Street Fighter V in her showcase trailer below:

Street Fighter V - Karin Trailer | PS4

Karin makes twelve total confirmed characters for Street Fighter V’s line-up, meaning that only four more characters are left to reveal before the game’s base roster of 16 is complete. Two of these characters will be brand new to Street Fighter, joining the likes of Necalli and Rashid.

Street Fighter V is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016.

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