Kalypso announces new strategy/trade sim Rise of Venice

Rise of VeniceKalypso, known for bringing us titles like Tropico 4, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Port Royale 3, have just announced a new game that seems to take some inspiration from the latter. Rise of Venice is a Renaissance-era strategy/trading simulation that tasks players with rising from small time merchant to powerful trading monopoly. Like the latest Port Royale title, Rise of Venice will have you contending with more than just the forces of the market; you’ll also have to face your competitors directly in sea battles. More details and screenshots are after the break.

Features of Rise of Venice:

  • Experience a compelling story full of intrigue and treason in Venice at the time of the Renaissance
  • Trade a variety of goods in the most important cities of the time such as Rome, Alexandria, Constantinople and Athens.
  • With your own family tree you can interact with your family members, send them on missions and watch how the power of your family grows over time.
  • Meet other important families who are pulling the strings in Venice’s government and influence political decisions yourself.
  • Build your own production facilities and trading fleets
  • Take fate into your own hands and test your skills in furious sea battles
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players via LAN and Internet

According to the announcement, Rise of Venice is set to be released for PC this October. The screenshots below might give you an idea of what to expect.

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