jrbapps Re-introduces the License Plate Game

An age old car game takes on new life as jrbapps releases their newest iOS application, pl8s. The point remains the same, to find different license plates from different states during your travels, but new options have been added to the game. The game itself has an option for players to receive one point per license plate or to receive one, two, three points depending on the plate found and the location of the players.

pl8s is easy and fun to play during a long road trip or daily carpool. Like the original license plate game, the object is to spot license plates from different states. When you see a license plate, tap on the state in pl8s to find out how many points you have earned and learn a fun fact about the state. You also have the opportunity to tweet about the license plates as you find them. pl8s is great for solitary entertainment or pass-and-play fun for up to four people.

For a mere $0.99 and the possession of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you could now have this game and hours of fun during what might normally be dull car trips. So, head on over to to download this game and view their other products today.

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