Joymax Interview with Lead Designer of Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead

With the start of closed beta starting last week, Joymax sat down with the lead game designer for Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead for an interview about the upcoming WWII-themed freemium FPS.  If you’re waiting your turn to take shots at the Axis, Allies or just the zombies, here’s a glimpse of what the game will have to offer.

How is this FPS title different than other ones out in the market?

FPS players like games that are fast-paced and Karma Online: POD is very fast. If you try playing a different game after adjusting to Karma, you may find that other games are too slow. Another differentiating point is that players can develop their character and create weapon or equipment settings freely for their specific character. This is something you cannot enjoy in other multi-play online FPS games.  Karma Online: POD also stands out because of its exciting zombie mode with a huge number of fast-moving zombies, a character system where you can create and develop unique characters, fast combat progression, accurate and detailed fire, an inventory system where you can freely combine weapons and equipment, and a convenient match-making system that automatically calls up players of similar levels.

Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead is currently in closed beta.  More information can be found at their official website.


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