Japanese Super NES Classic Edition video reveals new features, User Interface

Today, a new video has been released to showcase the Japanese version of the Super NES Classic Edition including the User Interface and several new features. The interface is very similar to the NES Classic Edition’s including four save slots and a selection of games you scroll through.

The differences lie within the games themselves. While the NES Classic was limited to save states, you can actually rewind these points from the menu, allowing you to cheat death more easily. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can rewind too far, but it’s still a feature entirely new to the Super NES Classic.

Borders have also been revealed. Instead of a dark space, you can liven it up with a beautiful blue sky if you’d like, or dark-purple space. This is reminiscent of the Super Gameboy and the Gameboy Player on the Gamecube. Some of the backgrounds have the ability to change color over time, though it’s not clear if it’s changing to fit the game, or in a set pattern.

And finally, just like the NES Classic, there is a CRT mode, a 4:3 screen mode, and a perfect-pixel mode for display. You can finally play Star Fox 2 the way you remember it…

The Super NES Classic Edition is set to be released on September 29th, 2017, with pre-order information coming soon.

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