Jane Jenson’s Kickstarter reaches goal over weekend

It seems that Kickstarter is heralding the second coming of the adventure game, as legendary Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jenson is the latest old-school creator to see new life with crowdfunding. Her campaign set out to fund not one but two third person adventure games for the PC, starting with Moebius (the second one is yet to be announced), and over the weekend it met the goal of $300,000 with 11 days to go:

All Kickstarter funds will go toward development of Moebius, the paranormal thriller backers selected as Pinkerton Road’s first game. On Friday, Jane revealed that Pinkerton Road will also make a second adventure game with outside funding — and Kickstarter backers will get that, too! Anyone who pledges $50+ will get both Moebius and the as-yet-unrevealed “Mystery Game X.” (Backers at the lower tiers can choose one or the other, when more info about each game is available.)

To make things even more interesting, Jane has sweetened the deal for potential backers with “goodies that GK fans won’t want to miss”: The $50 tier now includes ebook versions of the two (out of print) Gabriel Knight novels, and for $200+ you can get Jane’s “design bibles” used in the Gabriel Knight games’ development. Additionally, this Friday starting at 19:00 GMT, dedicated fan LauraKat will conduct on a 24-hour live playthrough of the Gabriel Knight trilogy, more of which you can find out on the Kickstarter page and watch here.

As we said in this week’s podcast, Kickstarter is making some huge waves in the gaming world right now. Fan-favorite creators such as Jane Jenson and Tim Shafer have found the vehicle to make the games they love making and that we love playing, and it’s up to us to continue this support. Below you can check out the latest video update on the proect, but don’t forget to hit up the project page itself and become a backer. We here at Gaming Trend would also like to know how many of you are taking a ride on this crowdfunding rollercoaster, so hit up our Facebook page and tell us what you backed!

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