Jagged Alliance: Crossfire Details and Trailer

A new trailer for tactical-RPG Jagged Alliance: Crossfire  has emerged and takes us on a guided tour through Khanpaa, a nation under mercenery control. Crossfire  is a standalone expansion to Jagged Alliance: Back in Action  and adds all the stuff you would expect from an xpac: new merceneries, environments, weapons, missions, and more.

Here’s a list of reasons to invest in Crossfire:

– Tactical combat at its finest, using the enhanced “Plan n Go” system of plotting your team’s moves strategically, then executing them in nail-biting real time

– 10 new mercenaries round out your team, completing a roster of more than 50 distinct combatants with unique skills, weaknesses and quirky personalities

– 10 new maps set in the unforgiving, frozen countryside of the mountain nation of Khanpaa, will challenge your planning skills —  rocky mountain terrain, narrow valleys and icy cliffs will provide new cover opportunities, chokepoints and offer optimum ambush points

– 15+ hours of gameplay across a brand new standalone campaign with a broad variety of missions

– New weapons, enemies and equipment – supplies are scarce, and your mercenaries will have to make the most of outdated weapons, limited supplies and equipment

– Enjoy the Jagged Alliance series as never before with vastly improved graphics, enhanced AI behavior, optional line-of-sight/fog of war, a polished interface and numerous performance and gameplay updates


Jagged Alliance: Crossfire  will be available on September 25, 2012.

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